Learn Something New

Whoever said “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” had it all wrong in my book. The truth of the matter is the dog can be taught, if the dog is willing to learn. Around here hubby and I have a motto, “Any day of Learning is a Good Day”. In fact that [...]

Ten Benefits of Reading Aloud to Children

One of the favorite pastimes in our home is reading. My husband and I both love to read. We strive to spread the love of reading to our grandchildren by first modeling. They see Grammie and Poppy reading a lot when they visit our house. We also never turn down an opportunity to read to [...]

Setting Up a Reading Challenge with Rewards

Our eldest grandchild has just entered 4th grade; she will soon turn 10 years old. Yikes! That’s double digits, I’m not sure Grammie is ready for time passing so quickly but she is. We don’t reveal our grandchildren’s true names at their parents’ request, which we totally respect so you will see the children’s nicknames [...]

Back to School Offer from Reading Horizons at Home

I just wanted to fill you all in on a Back to School Offer from Reading Horizons at Home that I just received in my email. This information comes directly from their site and the offer is such a good one I didn’t want any of you to miss this opportunity to act on it. [...]

The Struggling Reader and Stress

I’ve told you that from time to time I would include a post that was not written by myself; well, today is one of those occasions. I came across this article sent to me from a newsletter that I receive from Reading Horizons At Home. This entry was in the section called the Reading Corner [...]