Thankful for Family Bonding Activities

Today’s Thankful Thursday post will be a bit different. Instead of being listed in the Gratitude and Personal Growth category I am placing this post in our Family Fun Activities section. It is not because I am not grateful; on the contrary, the tile itself tells you that I am very Thankful for Family Bonding [...]

What Does a Family Bonding Activity Cost?

Take a minute or two to remember when you were young. Like vacations you went on or some activity that you did with your family. As you are bringing up those memories think about and focus on what was the most important part to you. If it was a vacation that you were thinking about [...]

Cheap Family Fun

There is a little twist to this most current post on Cheap Family Fun. Usually the author of the posts on Women’s Home Activities are written by me, the Grammie of our bunch; but not today. This post was written by my husband or as our grandkids refers to him, Poppy. So without further ado [...]

Fun Activities for Kids at Home

This past weekend we had the grandkids over at our house. My husband and I love the time we spend with our grandchildren. We are blessed with two sweet girls ages 8 and 3 plus one darling little boy who is just 15 months old. It can become quite a handful to have all three [...]

Looking To Laugh

Looking to Laugh is an article about Humor and how to bring more of it into our daily lives. Laughter – we need it! Women, like me, say they want laughter and fun in our lives. It’s therapeutic. It brings out endorphins which make us feel good. That in itself is a positive. So why [...]