Countdown to Christmas – Shopping Deals

HOLY COW! I just checked my calendar and realized that there is only 40 more shopping days left before the biggest holiday of the year. (As of the date of this post anyway) Yep that’s right the Countdown to Christmas has begun and so have the Shopping Deals. If you notice on the left there is actually a countdown clock that will help remind you and me of just how much time that there is remaining until the big day. I would say the crunch time is about to begin.

<—See it over there to your left?

Santas secretary is shopping online for Christ...

I try each year to be a little ahead of things before the mad rush starts. Time is precious and if you are like me, you want your shopping trips to be efficiently productive. Like most consumers I too want to find the best deals for the gifts I am purchasing for my family and loved ones.

This year I have been attempting to use my time wisely by researching online before I ever step out of the house. What I have discovered is that I may not have to leave home at all. I have been scouring the internet to gather information that will ease my tension from fighting the maddening crowds of shoppers at the mall. I’ll share with you what I have unclosed in my search.

Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Specials

While all retail stores will be running specials during the holiday season I’ve found a few sites online that are offering some great deals of their own. will be having  Black Friday Deals on their website along with Cyber Monday Specials too. I am super excited about the possibilities of shopping online as opposed to having to get caught in traffic, stand in long checkout lines and fend off pushy shoppers. Now I don’t have to because I can shop right from the convenience of my own home and you can too. Yippee, that thought really makes my day! It’s the little pleasures, time savers and discounts that thrill me the most.

Another thing I am impressed about by shopping at is the company’s willing to help those in need. They have teamed up with the Toys for Tots organization with their mission to provide holiday gifts for needy children across the nation. What a wonderful way of giving back. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can get involved click on the following link:

Toys For Tots! at

I come from a long line of good cooks. I really enjoy making my family meals and having get-togethers with our kids, grandkids, other family members and friends. We also have some budding cooks in our 3 little ones. Grammie just loves all our cooking activities that we come up with on each visit to my kitchen.

That’s why this holiday season I plan on shopping at for some of my gifts that I just know are sure to please the little ones and their mom’s too. Shh, don’t tell them about it ok? It will be our little secret. ;)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that had many gifts to choose from along with prices that will help my Christmas budget.
Maybe you too will see something that you are sure will be the perfect gift for those who love to cook on your Christmas list. If you are not sure what to buy and want the recipient to be able to choose for themselves they also offer gift cards. Follow these links and see what I mean:

Holiday Gifts under $30 at!
Great Deals under $50 at! Gift Cards – Give the Perfect Gift!

Last but certainly not least I wanted to mention to you another helpful website I’ve come across on my search for finding the perfect holiday gifts for my friends and family. I really strive to keep things in order around our home and I’m sure you do too. can help both of us. Not only do they have some really neat gifts to choose from but they also have just what you need to assist you with storing your treasured holiday decorations. Have you been “going green” this year? Well they have some wonderful products for those of you who are working on helping the environment too. Check out these links and see for yourself:

Eco-Friendly Products for a Green Home!
Gifts for Every Occasion at
Shop for Holiday Storage at

Hopefully I have helped you get on track for planning out your holiday shopping. Remember we are on the Countdown to Christmas right now and like me I know you are looking for Shopping Deals. Go ahead click on the links and discover that you don’t have to hit the malls this year. I know I am happy about that for sure.

Happy Shopping!

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