Grandparenting Leads to Grateful Moments

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One of the most rewarding aspects of my life is the privilege I have of being a “Grammie” to three wonderful grandchildren. They add continual joy into mine and their “Poppy’s” world with all of the escapades we encounter with them. I often write about the family bonding activities we share with them as this is the theme of this blog, “Family Bonding – One Activity at a Time”.  Every time we get together it is a new adventure. We truly love and feel blessed to have the chance to be able to share in the important events in their lives. Which lends itself to today’s post on how Grandparenting Leads to Grateful Moments. Let me fill you in on one way I am full of gratitude for being a grandparent that just happened recently.

Much to my surprise this past week I was contacted by another blogger who had included our site in a post she had written titled, “The 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting”. You can read her entire post by following the link. Wow, I thought, how nice of her to include us in this list. I was completely humbled and grateful for her mentioning Women’s Home Activities on her site. While we do have varied categories on this blog one of my favorite things to write about is the family time we spend with our kids and grandkids. By the way she has some very interesting other sites listed in the post that I intend to check out myself.

I visited her site and found out that she started as means for students who wanted to understand their options for obtaining a Master of Science degree in nursing. Find out more about her by clicking on the link mentioned. As a former teacher and Work Evaluator whose duty it was to assist my students in finding a career path that fit their individual needs and desires I send kudos to Maureen Denard for creating a venue for those seeking to discover their true calling.

So you see Grandparenting can lead to Grateful Moments, even when they come unexpectedly. I treasure the special time I am blessed with our grandchildren and family as a whole. We treat each occasion as an opportunity for growing closer as a family. Time is so fleeting and we don’t want to miss any chance of sharing and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you again Ms. Denard for reminding us how precious a gift that we have been given as grandparents. We never want to take that for granted. We will continue share the joys we take in on this wonderful loving adventure of life.

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  • cj

    Very nice to meet you too, Donne. We are so grateful to you for stopping by our site.
    The GaGa Sisterhood is a wonderful site and I look forward to visiting often.

    Our grandkids are still learning about canning but they sure enjoy the outcomes! I will have to find a copy of that book, I’m sure they would enjoy having Grammie read it to them. Thanks for sharing.


  • Nice to meet you, Christine. I’m chiming in as another on the list. I founded the GaGa Sisterhood, a social network for enthusiastic grandmas:
    Speaking of canning … I was reading “Blueberries for Sal” to my granddaughters yesterday and had to explain what “canning” meant. Robert McCloskey wrote this classic in 1948 but it still hold charm for every new generation.

  • cj

    Hi Susan and Welcome to Women’s Home Activities! We are so glad you stopped by. Thanks for your kind comments.

    I never thought I would love home canning so much, it has been a whole new education for me but such a rewarding one. Now that you have a little more time on your hands give it a try, you won’t be sorry.

    We love being grandparents and sharing in those special moments really means a lot to us. I will have to visit your page at It sounds like we have a lot in common.


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  • Another granny blogger checking in! Your site performs a valuable service by keeping some classic skills alive. I haven’t canned or made jelly in years, but now I know where to come when I want to. Now that I am retired, perhaps I’ll want to! I’m also an ex-teacher, although, as you say, once a teacher, always a teacher.

    Come visit me at the Grandparents site on And happy blogging!

  • cj

    Hi Sue,
    Thanks for stopping by. Congrats to you for being listed too. Grandparenting is so much fun and our little ones never cease to amaze us.

    I think it is wonderful that you, your daughter and daughter-in-law work together on such a worthwhile project! We have a family affair going on with this site too and that in itself is very rewarding. I will have to find out more about your site and your book. I have to tell you that your title is great and you’ve hit the nail on the head, it is all about Grand Loving.

    Good luck with your endeavors and enjoy your grandloving time!

  • Hello fellow grandmother!
    We too were thrilled to be listed in “The 50 Best Blogs By and About Grandparenting” and are grateful to Maureen Denard for helping us share Grandloving with other families. We are a mother, daughter-in-law, daughter co-author team committed to uniting families. Our new 5th edition of Grandloving: Making Memories with Your Grandchildren offers ideas from 350 families who share what has worked for them. You’ll also find over 225 activities that grandparents can do with or mail to grandchildren using materials they have in their own home. Our emphasis is not on spending money, but on spending time to create heartfelt memories. With Grandparent’s Day fast approaching on September 12th, we hope you’ll stop by our site to see some fun ways to celebrate.
    Happy Grandloving! Sue

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