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How a Random Act of Kindness Can Fill You With Gratitude

It’s been a bit since I have written a formal Thankful Thursday post. You see it is gardening time around Grammie and Poppy’s house so this time of year spare moments are reserved for getting our Traditional Vegetable Garden ready for the season. Which brings me back to the story that I feel compelled to share with you all.

This past weekend while running my morning errands, picking up the last minute items we needed to finish off our vegetable garden, I witnessed an event that touched my heart. I wanted to tell you the tale about How a Random Act of Kindness Can Fill You With Gratitude because that is exactly how I felt after watching this touching moment.

One of my stops that day landed me in a local variety store in the small town near our home. Being in a hurry like I usually am, I rushed through the store to get the few items I needed and then tried to find the shortest checkout lane possible. I only always think that I pick the shortest lane. Usually it ends up taking me longer to check out in this shorter lane than the one I could have chosen with tons of people in line but I digress…on with the story.

As I had to wait on the person in front of me to check out I happened to look down at what she was buying. Bless her heart I thought to myself, I bet she is a kind of lonely person. Why would I make such an assumption? Well her limited grocery items that she had put on the conveyor belt were single sized items. Nothing fancy mind you, just some a few staples for breakfast, lunch and dinner options. She also had put some toys and a playhouse made for a cat in the checkout lane.

I glanced up to notice what she looked like. One arm was bandaged and bruised. I heard her telling the cashier that she had just been in the hospital this week because they couldn’t get her blood sugar regulated. The clerk acted as if she kind of knew this poor soul, probably a regular customer that she sees quite often.

As she went to pay for her items she used a government subsidy card. Her total amount went over $8.85 from what she had left on the card plus the little cash that she handed to the cashier. She told the clerk to take off the cat items. And then it happened.

A most wonderful random act of kindness was given to this woman by the cashier herself. I saw the clerk reach into her own pocket and make up the difference that the lady owed. That clerk didn’t have to do pay the extra amount. She wanted to. The cashier just couldn’t bear to see that lady not have all her items to take home.

A tear came to my eye at that moment. That simple act of kindness from one person to another filled me with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. I was grateful that the woman went home with all her items, but even more so I was feeling grateful for having witnessed the kindness that this clerk bestowed on another.

After the woman left I told the cashier how much that simple act did my heart good. I also said that like they say that random act of kindness that she performed will come back to her in a good way. We have a saying down here in the South that if you do something nice for someone someday, “You will be better paid”. I believe that clerk will have a good and just reward waiting for her one day just because she took the time, effort and literally the money to help that lady out.

You know the funny thing about seeing a random act of kindness? It becomes like a domino affect…one leads to another. When I had paid for my items and was walking to my car I noticed an elderly woman struggling to get the things she purchased in her car. This store doesn’t have baggers so she had to take the items out herself. I went over and asked her if I could help her with putting the bags in her trunk. She thanked me and then I took her buggy to the return cart area. I wasn’t looking for any rewards; I just wanted to help the lady out. So I did.

Performing random acts of kindness isn’t about thinking about “what’s in it for me”. It is about purely giving to those in need. In the hectic and busy times we live in today it is a rare gem to see people helping each other. I hope that this gives you something to think about when the opportunity arises for you to do a favor for someone else.

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