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Whoever said “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” had it all wrong in my book. The truth of the matter is the dog can be taught, if the dog is willing to learn. Around here hubby and I have a motto, “Any day of Learning is a Good Day”. In fact that is a big part of what this site is all about. I believe that it is good for the mind, body and soul to Learn Something New, and so that is the focus for today’s post.

Studies have shown that the more active we can keep our minds the more likely we are to ward off the effects of aging. Staying mentally sharp has to do with flexing our “mind muscles” daily. Now that hubby and I are gently edging our way into, dare I say, our middle ages we want to make sure that we keep our minds as well as our bodies active and healthy. We know that a proper diet and exercise will help. We also have begun to add vitamins and herbal supplements to our daily routine as a means of bolstering the negative effects that invariably can come about as we get older.

One of the most important factors we consider to assist with anti-aging is to take in as much new information daily as possible. Learning is not just for the young, it should be a lifelong quest that we all want to achieve no matter what our age. Our brains are like a massive computer server that can hold and transpose so much vast information and yet we tend to barely skim the surface of our own capabilities. Why not challenge ourselves to prove that the old dog can still learn a few new tricks?

Ten Ways to Learn Something New

So just how do you go about learning something new? Well, here are a few suggestions for you to try. Go on give it a whirl, you just might find you like it.

  1. Play games – Board games, card games, chess, checkers anything you like. Put together a puzzle. Keep a book of crosswords or word searches handy. These are all good motivators that will kick-start the activation of your thinking process. They are also a great way to interact with your family for special bonding time. Besides that games are fun, and that will release the endorphins in your brain (pleasure filled moments) and help keep the juices flowing for more challenging endeavors.
  2. Read Daily – Read something, anything every day to take in new insights, opinions, and information. Read for pleasure too. If you like romance novels take an hour just for you and indulge. Interested in current events? Grab the newspaper or check online to find out the most recent happenings locally and around the world. Not a good reader, but want to improve your reading skills even as an adult? No need to be embarrassed, there are many adult literacy programs that can help. These adult reading programs are available to you from the comfort of your own home that will allow you to work on reading strategies at your own pace. Maybe you know someone who would benefit from this idea, pass the word on to them.
  3. Take a Lesson – Have you always wanted to play an instrument such as piano or guitar? Maybe you’ve want to learn a new language? Take the lessons you’ve often dreamed about but never achieved. It is never too late to learn something new. Give it a try and pat yourself on the back when you accomplish your goal. Your friends and family members will be amazed at your new found talent.
  4. Visit New Places – Head to your local museums, parks and cultural centers and discover what history and the arts have to offer where you live. You may just find out all sorts of things about your area that you never knew before. Take day trips to surrounding cities or towns close to you. Go online to your state department of tourism and gather information about places to see and things to do that are near you. Want to venture further? There is a whole world of opportunity awaiting you once you seek out the information. Go for it, you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to learn about.
  5. Talk to your kids and grandkids – Sometimes we as adults forget that the young ones can teach us a thing or too as well. Their eager little minds are full of fresh ideas and creative insights. Find out what they are learning about in the world today. This is a great way of interacting with your family and it makes your children feel important that they have things to share with you as well. Kids are also a wonderful resource for letting us know about new innovations and technology that has come across the pike.
  6. Research – Want to find out about a particular topic? Do the research. Head over to your local library and grab a book on the subject of interest. The internet is an immeasurable way to gather a wealth of information on whatever you could possibly want to learn about.
  7. Speak with your elders – Ask your older relatives to relay family history and tales from the past. Record or video tape these sessions for posterity. This is a wonderful legacy to be passed on to family members. Don’t forget to add all the special occasions from your own immediate family adventures.
  8. Get back to nature – That’s right, go outside and take in all the natural wonders that we are given on this green earth. Really take a look at your surroundings with a fresh eye. Listen to the glorious sounds of the birds chirping, take note of what they look like then find out which species inhabit your back yard. Plant a tree or flowering plants or start an herb garden. Learn about how to care for these new oxygen rich lovelies to help add beauty to your surroundings. Take a nice long walk and drink it all in.
  9. Volunteer – Give your time and services to those in need. Your local schools and charities are always looking for volunteers to help out and you just may learn something about yourself in the process. Share your talents and interests with others and take in what you can learn from them as well. Not only will it make you feel good, you will be adding to the value others which is the right thing to do in my opinion.
  10. Keep a journal – Each day, write down something new that you learned. I know for myself that not a day goes by that I haven’t acquired some wealth of information. Don’t be shy. Share the treasures with those around you. Let them know your latest tidbit of knowledge and ask them what they have learned as well. Take a look back at your journal a year from now and rediscover all the vast amount of new things you’ve acquired. I am sure you will amaze even yourself.

I hope these suggestions will give you an idea of how to get started on your venture to Learn Something New. I welcome other suggestions from you on ways that you have discovered to learn something too. Please share, that way I too will continue to learn something new.


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