June 2009
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Starting A Vegetable Garden

Today’s discussion is about Starting A Vegetable Garden. Spring has sprung and it’s time for planting. In these tough economic times many families have decided to offset some of their household expenses by creating their own vegetable gardens with what has been deemed as recession gardens.

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Gadgets For The Kitchen

Gadgets For The Kitchen add so much fun to cooking. Those that like to cook love gadgets. Kitchen gadgets are the tools that truly help women and men alike with all their cooking needs. They add fun and excitement to cooking. Instead of thinking of preparing meals as a chore these gadgets for the kitchen make the cooks feel like chefs exploring their creativity in their own home restaurant.

I know when I get a new kitchen gadget I feel like a kid on Christmas morning; I can’t wait to open up my new “toy” and start playing with it. My husband just rolls his eyes at me when I get excited about trying out one of my new fangled cooking devices. His comment goes something like this, “Why do you need so many contraptions for cooking? Doesn’t it just take a pot and pan?” He usually says something similar to me when I buy a new pair of shoes too like, “You only have two feet, why so many shoes?” Of course then I remind him of all the tools that he has in his not one but 2 tool sheds and the conversation usually lessens quite a bit. But I digress, now where was I? Oh yes telling you about one of my favorite places to shop. Continue reading Gadgets For The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Spring Cleaning Made Easy can be achieved. I know spring cleaning doesn’t sound like much fun but it doesn’t have to be difficult either if you use the right tools and have the mindset to complete your goals. This is the time of year when we think most about getting organized! Ok, I agree, home organizing is a chore but one that adds so much benefit and yes, relief when it is all said and done. The truth is you could turn this into a great project for the whole family to dare I say…enjoy. Just think about it for a minute. Don’t you feel better about your home when things are neat and clean and put away? I know I do.
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Communication Barriers – How To Break Them Down

How to Break Down Communication Barriers gives a method of applying effective communication skills to enhance our lives.

Yes, unfortunately communication barriers do exist. All too often these barriers affect our lives in the most negative of ways. Not practicing effective communication techniques can wreak havoc at work and home. It can cause problems in our relationships with our spouses/partners, children, friends, co-workers and our boss. The build up of these barriers are caused by not getting our message across in clear and concise manner and by not listening to what the other has to say. It’s not that we want these issues to arise. On the contrary, most people want what they have to say to be interpreted correctly.  Regrettably we don’t always communicate our ideas very successfully. By the same token we don’t always take the time to listen very well because we are off on the next tangent in our own minds. Communication is a two-way street and it takes both parties to make it meaningful. Continue reading Communication Barriers – How To Break Them Down

Welcome To Women’s Home Activities

Welcome to Women’s Home Activities – it is our intent to give women choices in finding great fun activities, projects and products for your home and family.

Women make decisions daily about the activities for their family. Here at Women’s Home Activities, we have researched and tried a few of our favorite activities and hope that you may enjoy them too. We have lots of ideas that we will be sharing, and want to hear from you about what are of most interest to you.

Look through the topics we have listed to see if you find anything interesting. Check back with our site often as we venture into new and different territories as time goes by. We are committed to learning and growing. It is our sincere hope that you will join in with us as we make this journey.

Again, welcome to Women’s Home Activities and let the activities begin!

Finding The Real You

Finding the real you. I hear women say all the time that they just want to be themselves. I know that I have said the same thing.
Discovering the real you is not an easy process, but one that is attainable.

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Effective Communication Tips

Effective Communication Tips can be achieved. Women say all the time that they just want to have an open-line to communicate. We have thoughts and ideas to share and we want to engage in meaningful conversations.

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Tips For Home Safety

The following article is about Tips for Home Safety. Women want their homes and family to be safe and secure. Unfortunately, robbery, burglary, and the more recently termed home invasion has become a major concern for most home owners. A statistic from the FBI reports that every 15.4 seconds a home evasion occurs. So what can you do to keep this from happening to your family? Women especially should have a keen grasp on the situation and become proactive in deterring the possibility of the problem occurring.

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The Truth About Relationships

The Truth About Relationships is that Women want love – plain and simple. Love is a basic feeling or emotion. To love is natural; it’s a part of human nature. Love is what sets us apart from the animal kingdom. I find it to be of utmost importance in my life. The kind of love described here is not necessarily romantic type love, although reading this will most likely also help that sort of relationship too. This viewpoint deals with the basis of loving relationships and how you can use the practice in all aspects of your life.

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Looking To Laugh

Looking to Laugh is an article about Humor and how to bring more of it into our daily lives. Laughter – we need it! Women, like me, say they want laughter and fun in our lives. It’s therapeutic. It brings out endorphins which make us feel good. That in itself is a positive. So why not laugh a little each day. Funny things do happen all around us everyday if we just keep an eye out for them. Sometimes, usually at the best time, funny things happen when we least expect it. For instance, just the other day I got a “jolting” surprise giggle at my home.

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