Grandparenting Leads to Grateful Moments

One of the most rewarding aspects of my life is the privilege I have of being a “Grammie” to three wonderful grandchildren. They add continual joy into mine and their “Poppy’s” world with all of the escapades we encounter with them. I often write about the family bonding activities we share with them as this [...]

Thankful for Family Bonding Activities

Today’s Thankful Thursday post will be a bit different. Instead of being listed in the Gratitude and Personal Growth category I am placing this post in our Family Fun Activities section. It is not because I am not grateful; on the contrary, the tile itself tells you that I am very Thankful for Family Bonding [...]

Cheap Family Fun

There is a little twist to this most current post on Cheap Family Fun. Usually the author of the posts on Women’s Home Activities are written by me, the Grammie of our bunch; but not today. This post was written by my husband or as our grandkids refers to him, Poppy. So without further [...]

Childrens Learning Activities Free Resources for Parents

Parents are constantly looking for ways to help their children learn to read. Did you know that there are government sites that offer Free Resources for Parents on Children’s Learning Activities? Well I am here to help.
I am excited to tell you about 2 government sites that offer parents free resources that will help you [...]

How to Show Your Gratitude on Valentines Day and Every Day

You see them everywhere this time of year;  candy hearts and flowers and stuffed bears oh my… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Most people wait until the last minute then rush out trying to find the perfect card or trinket to show their sweetheart how much they care about them. It is [...]