How to Can and Process Grape Jelly

As promised in my previous post on Making Grape Jelly – First Get the Juice I am continuing on with the second phase of making grape jelly by letting you know How to Can and Process Grape Jelly. This is where the “magic” begins. Now as I stated before in the first post on making [...]

Water Bath Canning Procedures

The crops from the garden have steadily been coming in and from now until the time they are depleted my kitchen has been geared up for the home canning part of the season. I’ve shared with you all in my previous post Canning and Freezing Food at Home that my two favorite means of preserving [...]

Making Grape Jelly – First Get the Juice

Have you decided to try your hand at homemade grape jelly? The first step in Making Grape Jelly is Get the Juice. I had a busy time this weekend in my kitchen because that is exactly what I was doing. I was getting the juice from some luscious Concorde grapes donated by a friend of [...]

Preserving Fresh Green Beans the Easy Way

If you have been reading my posts lately you have seen that there have been quite a few dealing with home canning. Well there is a reason for that. Mainly because that is how I have been spending a good amount of time lately. The whole month of August was pretty much devoted to [...]

Welcome To Women’s Home Activities

A Great Big Hello from Women’s Home Activities -

I know that with today’s fast pace living it seems that often family time pays the price. Yet we know that finding family friendly activities is essential for strengthening bonds with our loved ones.
With each new activity posted on Women’s Home Activities comes an opportunity for you [...]