The Struggling Reader and Stress

I’ve told you that from time to time I would include a post that was not written by myself; well, today is one of those occasions. I came across this article sent to me from a newsletter that I receive from Reading Horizons At Home. This entry was in the section called the Reading [...]

Helping Your Child Understand Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities – Part 1

Some of my most current posts have been dealing with the problems that struggling readers face and what parents need to know about children with dyslexia. In continuing with the theme of these posts today I would like to share with you another side of the coin. This time I wanted to bring you a [...]

Children with Dyslexia – What Parents Need to Know

As a parent of a child with dyslexia certainly you have concerns about how you can help your child with their problems with reading and learning in general. In order to alleviate the tension you are experiencing this post, Children with Dyslexia – What Parents Need to Know, covers certain facts and myths about dyslexia [...]

5 Tips for Parents of Struggling Readers

Your normally happy-go-lucky child who was curious about everything, eager to learn new things and enjoyed you reading to him suddenly has become moody, wants nothing to do with books and doesn’t want to go to school. As a concerned parent you ask your child what is wrong. As a typical response the child tells [...]

Choosing a Reading Program for Struggling Readers

You see it in the news every day; reports on children not keeping up with their peers when in comes to reading. Many parents are intimidated by the idea of teaching their children how to read. These same parents are often frustrated and don’t always know where to turn when in comes to finding help [...]